And so the credit card saga continues. Renaud Marquot, the finder of Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg's Visa Infinite credit card, gave RTL Today a detailed account of his discovery on Wednesday morning.

When he left a Paris restaurant close to Palais Brongniart (former Bourse de Paris) at around 11pm on Friday evening, French sports presenter Renaud Marquot spotted a credit card lying on the edge of the pavement in Rue Vivienne. It looked as though it had fallen out of someone's pocket while they where getting into or getting out of a car or taxi.

Marquot picked it up, thinking that the owner probably hadn't noticed that they were missing their credit card yet and that it might be a while until they eventually did.

When he looked at the name on the credit card, it didn't ring a bell at first. He looked up "Alexandra de Nassau" on Instagram, but that didn't yield any results. It was only when he looked her name up on Google that he realised whose Visa Infinite credit card (one of the most exclusive credit cards in the world) he had actually found. As one of Luxembourg's senior royals, getting in contact with Princess Alexandra wouldn't be easy.

© Grand Ducal Court, Claude Piscitelli

He eventually found Princess Alexandra on Facebook and messaged her shortly before midnight that same evening, but because they weren't Facebook friends, Marquot wasn't sure she'd even read his private message. Deciding that it's better to be safe than sorry, Marquot looked Princess Alexandra up on Twitter. While she didn't have her own Twitter account (or at least not an obvious one), Marquot saw that the Grand Ducal Court's Twitter account was quite active and regularly posting updates about events attended by the Grand Ducal family.

He decided to tweet about his discovery and added a bit of humour to attract more attention: "Dear Alexandra of Nassau, Princess of Luxembourg, I haven't found your glass slipper but I have found your credit card. I promise that I will not have all the women in the land try it out." He finished the tweet by inviting the Princess to contact him in order to get her card back.

At first, Marquot was hesitant about including a photo in his tweet, but in the end he figured that the Grand Ducal court would want to have some proof that he actually had the credit card. He tried out numerous ways of hiding the account number in his photograph, wary of how malicious people could maybe find ways to manipulate the image to reveal the number if he didn't conceal it well enough.

But now for the million dollar question (quite literally): Did Princess Alexandra ever get in contact with the finder of her credit card and has she been reunited with it yet?

"To this day, I haven't heard back either from the Grand Ducal Twitter account nor from Princess Alexandra." He went on to say that he is still hoping to hear back from someone, even though he suspects that the credit card has probably been blocked by now.

Marquot told RTL Today that was quite amused when the story first started drawing attention on Twitter: "It's not every day that you find a Princess' credit card!"

As fate would have it, the sports presenter also has family in Luxembourg and thought about telling his mother "I found the Princess of Luxembourg's credit card. Next time you travel to Bettembourg, could you please drop it into the Grand Ducal Palace's letterbox?"