On 5 January 1921, Grand-Duc Jean was born at Berg castle as the oldest of six children.

Grand Duke Jean is the son of  Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix de Bourbon de Parme, and acted as the head of state from 12 November 1964 until 7 October 2000, when he abdicated and left the throne to his son Grand Duke Henri. He was married to Joséphine Charlotte de Belgique from 1953 until her death in 2005.

After the invasion of Luxembourg by German troops on 10 May 1942, Grand Duke Jean and his family left the country. Together, they first fled to France, then to Portugal, the US, Canada and finally Great Britain. In Québec, Grand-Duke Jean attended Laval University.

From November 1942 until January 1945, Grand Duke Jean fought alongside the Irish Guards to free Europe from Nazism. On 10 September 1944, Prince Jean and his father, Prince Félix, entered Luxembourg with the first allied troops. Following this, he only returned to Luxembourg on 14 April 1945.

Today, Grand-Duke Jean has five children, 22 grand-children and 10 great-grand-children.

Marie Astrid (1954) is married to Archduke Carl Christian de Habsbourg-Lorraine. They have five children: Marie Christine (1983), Imre (1985), Christoph (1988), Alexander (1990), Gabriella (1994).
Marie Christine is married to Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum. They're children are: Léopold (2011), Constantin (2013) a Gabriel (2016).

Imre and his wife Kathleen Walker have two girls: Maria Stella (2013) and Magdalena (2016).
Christoph and his wife  Adelaïde Drapé-Frisch have a little daughter called Katarina (2014).

Our Grand Duke Henri (1955) and his wife Maria Teresa Mestre also have five children:  Guillaume  (1981), Félix  (1984), Louis (1986), Alexandra (1991) and Sébastien (1992).
Louis was married to Tessy Anthony, with whom he has 2 sons: Gabriel (2006) and Noah (2007).

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume married Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy in October 2012. Félix and his wife Claire Lademacher  have two children: Amalia (2014) and Liam (2016).

Jean (1957) and his first wife Hélène Vestur have four children: Marie-Gabrielle (1986), Constantin (1988), Wenceslas (1990) and Carl Johann (1992).  Jean remarried in 2009, when he became the husband of Diane de Guerre.

Jean's twin sister Margaretha (1957) married Prince Nicolas de Liechtenstein, with whom she had four children: Léopold Emmanuel (1984 +), Marie Annunciata (1985), Marie Astrid (1987) and Josef Emmanuel (1989).

Grand-Duke Jean's youngest son, Guillaume (1963), and his wife Sibilla Weiller also have four children: Paul-Louis (1998), Léopold (2000), Charlotte (2000) and Jean (2004).