In most cases, a good selling price is of paramount importance to the success of your next project.

Here is a small guide to help you approach the sale of your property with confidence.

Don’t forget the energy passport!

Since November of 2007, establishing an energy passport (CPE). Understanding the energy passport a document clarifying a property’s energy needs, is mandatory for all property sales.

Valid on the entirety of a residence, it is quite probable that a passport is therefore already available for your apartment. Your “syndic de copropriété” (the co-ownership property representative) can probably provide you with an original copy of the document.

Even if there is no legal obligation to do so, it is often also a good idea to gather the different invoices, recurring charges, General Assembly resolutions of the past 2 years, and other property documentation. They may help a potential buyer to have a clearer view of your property.

Increase your chances of a better deal

Doing small finishing touches with a high added value can often be a good investment:

  • Small renovations with high impact. A simple layer of paint on the walls can radically transform the rooms’ feel and help the buyer fall in love with the property.
  • Clean and tidy. Cleaning and tidying your home will have a positive impact on buyer interest. Emptying rooms of all excess objects and storing them in a rented storage unit will not only maximise the perceived size of the rooms, but help buyers project themselves.
  • Getting the timing right. Don’t rush into a sale. Be clear about your own timing, because it will have an impact on the whole process. Too far in advance could be a bad idea, especially since property prices vary so quickly. Too late would put you under pressure, forcing you to sell it at a suboptimal price.


Getting the right price is of paramount importance. Too high and your property will be off-market. Too low, and you will be losing money. A good idea to get a first idea of the price of your home is to get it valuated online.

The right real estate agent

Being assisted and advised by an estate agent facilitates the process and allows you to benefit from the know-how and professionalism in order to get a better result.

We have already written a full article on real estate agents. Link to 9. How to choose your real estate agent

To make a more visual representation here are the examples of a smartphone picture compared to a professional picture by Nexvia.


If you are not selling your primary residence, a capital gain tax is due. This tax is halved if you sell before the end of 2018. You can use our capital gain tax simulator to see how much you should pay.