In collaboration with ThinkPinkEurope, the Luxembourg chapter will host a RacefortheCure event on Sunday 23rd October at Echternach lake.

ThinkPinkLux is a Luxembourg registered ASBL formed in October 2009 by a small group of volunteers to support women living in Luxembourg with the day to day reality of cancer and to raise awareness of cancers affecting women.

By volunteering their time, the group raises awareness and support for the cause and anyone in need of guidance or funds for treatment.

Carrie Cannon from ThinkPinkLux was a guest on the Home Stretch on RTL Today Radio and told Melissa Dalton about their next fundraiser which will take place Sunday 23 October at the lake in Echternach. Carrie is a nurse working in public health and has seen first-hand the impact on family, friends, employers, and colleagues when a person is diagnosed with cancer.

The group mainly consists of people from the international community in the Grand-Duchy whose lives have been touched by cancer, either directly or through family and friends. Prior to the founding of ThinkPinkLux there has not really been a place to go for the English-speaking community that provided support and information, Carrie says.

"We are trying to spread the word that there is a group out there who can support people. We are making a difference."

She also does preventative work because "if people just hear one thing that they can take home, than we are making a difference by highlighting health issues." In the UK, 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime.

The community is also supporting men who have lost their wives, partners and mothers of their children, and of course men with breast cancer, as they are also at risk. The group is an open and safe space for everyone.

The race around the lake, which is more like a walk around the lake, as Carrie describes it, is non-competitive. If people want to run, they of course can, but children and dogs are also more than welcome.

Most of the funding will go to research in order to find a cure for cancer.

Think Pink Luxembourg

In case you want to participate in the run, you can register right here. There is an option to choose a 3k or 6k race.

Listen to the full interview here in the article or on RTL Play.