The ISL has announced the results of its 2022 Graduating Class at the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, with an outstanding 98% pass rate, as four students achieved a perfect score.

Director David J. Condon, Ph.D commented “These results are even more impressive if you consider that we have an open enrolment model, i.e. we do not select which students can pursue the Diploma; rather any student can do so. Yet, 98% of our students did pursue the Diploma and 98% of them earned it. This pass rate is well above the worldwide average of 86%.”

Out of a total score of 45 points,

· 4 ISL students achieved a perfect score of 45 points

· 27% of ISL’s students achieved 40 or above points (world average is 14%)

· ISL students’ average result is 36.4 points (world average is 32)

Graduates are now attending some of world’s top universities, including: Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Stanford, Harvard, McGill, Duke, Sciences Po.

Director David J. Condon concluded “I want to congratulate and applaud our students for their remarkable accomplishments. I also express my gratitude to the dedicated faculty and staff that work tirelessly to teach, support and motivate our students each and every day.”