In a marketing move no one knew we needed until now, RTL Today Radio's second launch phase is underway. With this new bright and bold wrap, RTL Today Radio gets a huge visual presence boost at the Kinepolis complex on Kirchberg.

Stantz: Where do these stairs go?
Venkman: They go up

If you have ever dreamed of tripping the light-fantastic or getting your La-La Land on, RTL Today and Kinepolis have got just the spot for you...

In a prime location at the city's biggest cinema and restaurant complex, RTL Today Radio really is "All Day, Every Day".



Now nearly two-months into their life as Luxembourg's de facto English Language Radio and entertainment hub RTL Today Radio provides an alternative to the over familiar. A fresh new voice in Luxembourg with relevant and exciting playlists, features and guests. Humorous and knowledgeable, the Grand Duchy’s newest English Station is jam packed with the freshest sounds and stone cold classics.

Head Of Programming, Sam Steen says of RTL Today Radio's success; "We've been pleasantly surprised by the reactions so far. Already we can see there is a desire and a place for station such as ours. The whole team has been working very hard to get the mix of entertainment and music just right. And, even just seven weeks in, we are producing more content than any other English speaking platform - the interviews we've conducted, the guests we've had in and sponsors who have come aboard recognize us the market leader - and that is extremely satisfying."

Sam is quick to identify areas of opportunity and promises that more is to come throughout 2022; "This is just the beginning, we've a lot more exciting content in development, for both radio and our video projects. We've tonnes of community features, competitions and interviews plus a slew of new shows in preparation. If you would have asked me last year would I be happy with where we are at, I would have bitten your hand off."

Hosts from the Weekday and Weekend shows will be popping along throughout the week to take some selfies, hand out some sweet, sweet swag and meet with the public, who, to be fair, might be wondering what the heck the new visuals are about.

We will also be having a celebratory competition or two, where lucky punters can win Cinema and Concert Tickets among other special surprises.

Take a snap of yourselves and, where possible, your best buds at the Today Stairs, tag a track you want played and send it over on Social Media. We will give you the shout out you need and the lift you deserve. We will even make a swanky gallery.

Don't miss out on any of our content:


The Sam Steen Show: 6am - 10am
The Lunchbox with Stephen Steps Lowe: Noon - 2pm
The Home Stretch with Melissa Dalton: 4pm - 7pm



Talking Music: 9am - 10am
Best Of The Lunchbox: 10am - 11am
The Lisa Burke Show: 11am - 12Noon
Best Of The Home Stretch: 1pm - 2pm
The DB3 Show: 3pm - 5pm
The UK Chart with Elliot Darby: 6pm - 8pm


Best Of The Sam Steen Show: 9am - 10am
The Lisa Burke Show: 12Noon - 1pm
The UK Chart with Elliot Darby: 1pm - 3pm
The Ben Andrews Show: 3pm - 5pm
The DB3 Show: 5pm - 7pm
Letz Talk Sport: 7pm - 8pm

Plus we have the best Hours of Power and Dusk Till Dawn Playlists AND many, many more shows, features, podcasts, videos and guest appearances coming your way.

You can catch up with our shows via RTL Play.
Listen to RTL Today Radio here:

RTL Today Radio Hub