Luxembourg artist Ben Carter's most recent series has picked up a lot of praise as his attention turns from the Grand Duchy and takes on global issues.

At this stage last year Ben Carter was good enough to run a competition for his wildly popular Christmas Market print and we had some delighted people and some well dressed wall space to report.

This year we've gone one (well, FIVE actually) better and are offering RTL Today readers the chance to WIN one of FIVE Limited Edition Off Set Prints from Ben's Penguin Project Series.

Ben has rethought personal philosophies, with his focus shifting to pressing environmental awareness. "COVID-19," Carter says "has reminded us of the fragility of our life on Earth." You can read more on Ben's 2021 experience below.

"Covid presents a serious public health issue that we hope can soon be contained" he continues, "the same cannot be said of the mounting environmental degradation that threatens the very existence of life on Earth, as we know it."

Carter says of his project "the aim of the penguins (project) is to use imagery to capture the story of the melting ice sheets and the loss of habitat in which these iconic birds live and breed, thereby helping to raise awareness and promote action against climate change and biodiversity loss."


© Ben Carter

To win simply email us your bestest, most careworn Christmas Knitwear and tell us how you are trying to be more eco-friendly in what is a traditionally a very wasteful time of year.

Email us here to be in with a chance of winning.

Good Luck!

Ben Carter's year:

How did the 2021 restrictions make you rethink your art and priorities:

I have for a long time been passionate about the environment, going as far back as my postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins in London.  

I saw that art could be used to draw attention to environmental issues and to foster an endeavour to remediate, protect and enhance the natural world in which we and our children live. 

Often the debate about the environment can be complex, hard to digest and lost in words, whereas art can be a powerful way to explore such important topics as climate change and biodiversity loss in an engaging, playful and creative way. It speaks to peoples' hearts and minds - as coined by Ibsen, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


© Ben Carter

So, most of 2021 was prioritised to expanding my Environmental art collection and finding captivating and engaging ways to expose it. I believe my penguin mural in Niederanven is a case in point. As the 40 meter mural evolved, it increasingly attracted the interest of the local community, and - I like to think - it is helping to stimulate a debate on environmental matters.

What are your hopes for 2022, professionally and personally:

Professionally: to continue building and exposing my environmental art collection both home and abroad in order to inspire meaningful action. 

Personally: to live a more sustainably lifestyle, reducing my ecological footprint, and inspiring my three children to do the same.

Ben Carter has also revealed that a new series of postage stamps has been commissioned by Post Luxembourg, more of which you can see here on Ben's Instagram account.