A US Covid patient who survived the disease after being hospitalised for 28 days returned to the hospital that helped save his life - and to apologise for not getting vaccinated.

Richard Soliz, a 54-year-old graphic artist, was hospitalised at Harborview medical center in Seattle after developing blood clots in late August 2021. He spent one month on a ventilator and heart monitor, komo news reports.

Soliz survived, and in October - two months later - he returned to the hospital to thank medical staff for saving his life - and to say sorry for not getting the jab.

"I deeply regret, you know, not making the decision to get vaccinated", Soliz told Dr James Town, director of the intensive care unit. Town responded: "No one blames you or judges you. Everyone is just happy that you are willing to share the story, I think. And happy that you're better."

Soliz said he was worried about the vaccine after seeing contradicting information about it on social media, which included conspiracy theories such as microchipped vaccines, and he questioned the government's intentions.

"I personally know that, because I was not vaccinated, I did not act, I wasn't certain, and I nearly lost my life."

Soliz is now fully vaccinated but has left him with exhausted lungs, making not only physical exercise difficult, but also sleeping. He also suffers from foggy memory.