Ambassador J. Randolph Evans, who has served as the U.S. representative to Luxembourg since June 2018, will depart the Grand Duchy next week. He has recorded a farewell message to the people of Luxembourg.

In his time here, ambassador Evans has worked hard to nurture commonalities between the two nations, disparate in size.

Saying of the Grand Duchy, Evans was keen to stress "the importance of Luxembourg: in the EU; in the world financial markets; in terms of being an honest broker between the superpowers, Russia, China and the U.S. The skill sets I had well suited what the country is good at: space, financial transactions, and being a participant on the geo-political landscape.”  

We had a long form interview with the Ambassador back in July 2020 which you can view here.

"Anyone who tries to understand President Trump as a typical politician is going to be completely confused. He’s not. He is results oriented. Always focussed not on the how, not on repeating, but getting the problem solved."

Evans leaves his post shortly before the inauguration of the USA's new president-elect, Joe Biden.