With Covid-19 placing restrictions not only on travel, but the size of gatherings, Christmas will look different to many of us this year. Want to celebrate (virtually) with us?

Planning our Christmas work rota, it struck us that Christmas this year may be a very strange time indeed for many - not least for expats, who may not be able to return home to spend the holidays with their family.

Given that we will have to work anyway - the news never does stop, after all - we thought we may throw a virtual Christmas party with and for our readers, especially the ones who may not have any other holiday options open to them at the moment.

We can't and won't say exactly what we'd do - but there'd definitely be gifts to give away, lots of chatting, silly videos, and an ample supply of eggnog*.

So that we can plan our offering appropriately, it would be lovely if you could RSVP below if you'd be interested. It's not legally binding or anything, but will help us figure out how many Christmas crackers to budget for.. and how many other surprises to plan.

*Yours truly will in fact be working on the 25th, so I can guarantee that eggnog will be available on this side of the screen. Unfortunately I won't be able to transfer it digitally to our readers, so you'll have to sort out your own supply.