COVID-19 continues to pervade our lives, health, education and work. It is certain to cause financial strains on individuals, and some, unfortunately, to the point of bankruptcy, surendettement in French.

Our two previous conversations covered bankruptcy of a company and bankruptcy for a sole trader. This time we focus on individuals.

Finding Support

There's help availabile at SICS (Service d’Information et de Conseil en matière de Surendettement).

This is the last of our zoom calls, for now, and soon we will be moving to Podcasts here on RTL Today!

Caveat - this is not legal advice. 

Graham Wilson, Wilson Associates

Graham was born in England and has lived in Luxembourg for more than 25 years, taking Luxembourg nationality. Graham is a barrister in English & Welsh law, and a Luxembourg Avocat à la Cour. He has a penchant for old cars, cats and trees. 

Louise Benjamin, Benjamin Law Firm 

Louise is a Luxembourg Avocat and a solicitor in English & Welsh law. She is also Vice-President of the British Luxembourg Society, and is actively working to raise €10,000 for the business school for the slums LP4YLouise Benjamin was raised in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and has lived in Luxembourg for 18 years, married a Luxembourger and has three young sons.