Jessica Janusz talks to Lisa Burke about the creation of her online studio 'Anushia', and her work to help the physical and mental well-being of others through yoga, mindfulness meditation and self-empowerment.

Chicago born and raised, Jessica left home at 17 for university, started travelling, and hasn't been back since. She landed in Luxembourg a few years ago following the work of her then partner. As another lonely ex-pat she searched for a home-from-home community.

It was a personal set of circumstances, not all of them easy nor pleasant, which led to the birth of Anushia. The name comes from her aunt who instilled in Jessica the belief that 'everything is possible'. Aunt Anushia was the voice Jessica needed to believe in her before she could believe in herself.

Perhaps most poignantly, Jessica talks openly about how Anushia, the studio, grew out of the voice she needed to hear. But it's not just her. When Jessica started opening up on social media about certain thoughts or doubts, she mirrored the anxieties of so many of us.

And so, Anushia flourishes as a safe space to be authentic, to "become the voice you want to hear", through yoga and mindful meditation: mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

"It is safe to let go" is a mantra that Jessica herself uses often.