It's that time of year again. We're all overflowing with snot, carelessly sneezing around the bus because we HAVE to go to work, and endlessly faffing around in bed watching series. Chugging endless pots of lemon tea, gulping down fresh honey and chopping up spicy ginger root. How else to cure the infamous cold? Benefit from RTL Today's wise wisdom in collecting some of the strangest and unusual remedies from around the planet!

1. Listen to jazz

This seems like a pretty odd one. Turns out, however, that listening to jazz stimulates the production of Immunoglobulin A, a protein vital in defending the body against infection. Soft rock tends to work well, too. Take a short 30-minute nap to the sounds of John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis and you'll most likely wake up refreshed and have even obtained serious musical chops.

If you're performing while having the flu, you may want to reconsider and skip the gig, or else...

2. Drink some Gogol Mogol

Apparently this silky remedy is popular in Russia and Ukraine - have you ever tried it? Please do let us know. Whisk together a raw egg yolk, add some milk, sugar and a tablespoon of butter, and there you have it! One can even add a shot of whiskey to spice it up a little. It seems like no one has proven the effectiveness of this remedy. No wonder. More of an excuse to keep drinking when you're sick in bed, we'd say?

Gogol Mogol, popular in Russia and Ukraine.

3. Stir up a bowl of Lizard Soup Customary in Hong Kong, Lizard Soup has magical healing powers that regular chicken soup cannot match. Simmer some dried lizards with yams, onions. Done and dusted, behold a delicious (?) broth. We're not quite sure where to get hold of lizards, as they're not sold in any regular supermarket, but we suggest heading over to a pile of rocks in the forest and just taking a look at what wriggles around. That should do.

© Image by Sambeet D from Pixabay

4. Chicken fat and dirty socks

Before strong medicine was available, folks were advised to slap some chicken fat on their necks, gently massage it into the skin and then wrap some dirty socks or scarves around it. This apparently heats up the area, induces sweating and wipes out the bad germs and viruses. Why not just do some light exercise instead if the goal is to sweat?

5. Sip snail syrup

The mucilaginous essence of snails, yummy! Contrary to popular belief, this did not originate in France. This was historically used in Ancient Greece right up until the Middle Ages, as the mixture of protein and glycolic acid seems to have a positive effect on the human body. Fun fact: a medical company in Chile still produces a product that contains snail syrup.

© Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay

6. Eat chocolate

Finally one remedy on the normal side of things! Theobromine is a compound found in chocolate that helps you relax your throat, preventing aggressive coughing. The darker the chocolate, the better, so don't fool yourself into purchasing light milk chocolate, even if 98% choc bars are not your thing.

7. Onions in your socks

This may not be the ideal solution for your partner, but onions in your socks absorb bad germs in your body. You'll notice when you take them out the next morning they will be of a dreadful colour, but that is a sign you've been releasing toxins throughout the night (or not washed your feet).

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