"What did you do today?" is the slogan a group of regular donors, who UNICEF calls Global Parents, uses throughout the month of October to find new Global Parents, who will support every child, every month, everywhere.

Television report
Our very own Vidosava Kuzmic joined two Global Parents, Julie and Vic, on a visit to Malawi to see how their monthly donations help children.

What did you do today?

Julie and Vic are not the only Global Parents who support children every month. There are 10.000 other Global Parents in Luxembourg. Manon, Änder and Marité explain their impact on children's lives as Global Parents and invite you to join them.

Together, they build schools, supply drinking water and even provide first aid to children in emergencies. Global Parents are donors who make all the difference because they offer a continued and sustainable support to every child around the world.

Every donation counts

  • 20 € every month are enough to treat one malnourished child with therapeutic food for two weeks. That is less than 67 cents per day.
  • 30 € every month are enough to vaccinate 200 children against polio
  • 52 € every month will provide 100 people with clean water for one month

Galery: Global Parents visit Malawi