Alfonso Diaz is a designer from Mexico City who combines his profession with his passion for travelling around the globe. Last April, he visited the Grand Duchy for the first time... and immortalised his impressions and experiences in a comic book.

Interview - The man behind the comics

Hey Alfonso! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your passion?

My name is Alfonso Díaz, and I'm a 33 years old designer from Mexico City. Since I was a kid, I’ve been passionate about travelling. I get very serious about researching the best routes and activities for each trip. And I love capturing all the details and stories in my sketchbook.

I heard you launched your own website not too long ago. What's the concept behind it?
I enjoy looking for the hidden gems and curious stories from each new place I visit. And I know it isn’t easy to find them. So in 2016 I decided to start mytraveltoons to share these travel stories on a blog and on Instagram. I’m partnering with several tourist offices, like the Official Luxembourg for Tourism Office, to help this project grow and reach a wider audience.

Any favourite comics?

I'm very proud of the ones I made from my trips to Brazil ( and the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico (

So the big question... What did you think of Luxembourg? Anything you particularly liked or didn't like?

This was my first visit to Luxembourg, I went with my wife and baby daughter last April. It popped up as a great baby-friendly destination while planning a workstation in Europe. We stayed for 3 days and I really really hope to go back with more time to explore beyond the city and see the castles and nearby towns. I particularly liked the myth of Melusina and taking the elevators between levels to see the rock foundations, which you can see from different sides in Fort Thungen, the Bock Casemates and the City Museum.

Can we expect more comics?

The Luxembourg comic is going to be a part of a larger one with stories from the rest of the cities we visited in this trip (mainly in Belgium and Netherlands), which I’ll compile on a single, larger comic book which will be available digitally by the end of the year.

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