The second edition of the Luxembourg Kilt Walk is coming up, a walk hosted by Ross Steele in order to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.

The walk will commence at 9 am on 14 September when walkers leave The Pyg in Clausen - an Irish pub in Luxembourg City - and end between 4 and 6pm (depending on how fast the participants walk).

Around that time, walkers will be back at the pub, having hiked all the way to Mersch and back (41 kilometres in total).

The day will end with a night of fun including food, raffle, waxing, quiz, karaoke and live music.

We spoke with the walk organiser Ross Steele:

What is a kilt walk?

The Kilt walk is a fund raising event where individuals put on their kilts and walk a marathon to raise funds for charity.

What is the chosen charity?

I’m walking for Pancreatic Cancer Scotland but walkers can choose their own charity. The proceeds from the fund raising evening in the Pyg post walk will all go to PCS.

Why is the charity important to you?

I lost my step dad to PC in Dec 2016. One of the worst cancers. Was only 30 days from diagnosis to death. Not enough funding.

How is the route differing this year?

It’s not! Same route as last year. It’s a nice flat route and not overly demanding as we have a few elder statesman in the group. We had 15 last year and looks like that’ll increase to 20 this year.

How much in funds were raised last year?

We raised EUR 3k last year.

How can people support/donate?

Raffle prizes or simply donations can be handed in to the Pyg. Sponsors can be added online to my justgiving page.

For more info, visit the Facebook event page

Read about last year's edition here: