When you're hungry, you're hungry. A young boy in the USA decided to phone the police for his culinary emergency.

Five year-old Manny Beshara already knows exactly what he wants. Also when he's hungry. When his big sister prepared him a bowl of corn flakes, the boy was rather unimpressed. Instead of a bowl of boring corn flakes, his heart desired a pizza — and as soon as possible.

Due to the urgency of his need, he decided to call the emergency services.

His sister quickly caught him and hung up when she realised he had phoned the police. The officers decided to go to make sure the kids were okay and headed to the house. When they established that the siblings were okay, they decided to go and get the pizza and deliver it to Manny in person.

Their good deed did not go unrewarded. The mother of the children also bought the officers a pizza, of course without first placing an emergency call.