...that I'll spend hours and hours coming up with a witty answer to WIN a basket of delicious food and drink!

In honour of Luxembourg's national day, which is coming up this weekend (Sunday 23 June to be exact) we've decided to launch a little contest, and let YOU, or readers, show how creative (and Luxembourgish) you are!

The rules are simple. All you have to do is head over to our contest page, and come up with a good way to end a sentence starting "I'm so Luxembourgish...". For instance, you might write something like "...I now consider a 15 kilometre drive to be far, and stock the car with food and water before heading off."

The contest will be open for entry until midnight 22 June, and on national day we'll publish a new article where you - and our other readers - can vote for the best entry. The top four will receive a basket stuffed with goodies, courtesy of Amuse Bouche.

The contest is now closed for new entries, but you can vote for your favourite below!