Kerville Holness was under the impression that he'd bought a villa in an online auction, but it turns out he'd been bidding on a small patch of land between two driveways.

If you think housing prices in Luxembourg are expensive, as least we're yet to hear about anyone who's accidentally bought an unusable 30 centimetre wide patch of land for over €10,000.

That's precisely what happened to Kerville Holness, who entered an online auction believe that he was bidding on the villa (reportedly worth about $177,000, or around €160,000) seen in the background of the above image. In reality, the auction was for a small patch of the land between the two driveways also seen in the picture.

The land was still owned by the development company that built the homes, and was sold in an online auction aimed — unsurprisingly — primarily at the owners of the two homes adjacent to the land. However, it seems Holness swooped in and snatched it up from under their noses. But Holness was not the only one to be fooled, as he outbid three others to grab the land.