RTL partners with RCL - not just because we have similar acronyms but because RCL's on field success will be relayed through RTL's pages. 007 this time (as the reference will likely please him): Louis-Paul Gamache

Name: Louis-Paul Gamache

Age: 23

Country of birth: Canada

Position: Wing and Full-Back

Previous Clubs: None, this is my first club after converting from Track & Field.

Favourite team: Canada's 7s & 15s

Favourite player: Hubert Buydens

Best rugby moment: There's a saying applicable to all sports but even more to rugby "Winners are simply willing to do what losers won’t". With RCL, we had an away game in Hochspeyer against a team composed of U.S. soldiers from the local military base. Their lads were humongous and unsurprisingly fit. We showed up late at the game (no warm-up) with only 15 players. Our captain Florian Letourneau got injured before half-time but we did manage to get the W. It came with sacrifice and unselfishness. We proportionally celebrated with sacrifice and unselfishness...

The best thing about rugby is...: A lot of expats land in Luxembourg and look to build their network. With RCL, and it is the case with most rugby clubs, you will enter a family. In a context of intensity and sometimes fear, you create the strongest bonds.  Who will win the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan?: Gotta go with the local team and underdogs even though they never passed the pool stage : Japan.