Sunday marked the official launch of Luxembourgish clothing brand bluem's second collection "Live in color."

On Saturday evening, a small number of selected people got to see the new collection at a so-called Pop-Up-Event. Yannick Zuidberg participated in the event and shared his impressions of the new collection with RTL.

Following the success of the first collection named "Grow forever", bluem launched their second collection this Sunday.

"Live in color" - that's the name of the new collection by Amii Watson, Adriel von Grüningen and Jimmy Braun. The Pop-Up-Event on Saturday evening attracted many people who hoped to get a glimpse of the new arrivals.

Jimmy Braun explained that bluem stayed true to the base of their design. In other words, they stuck to  rather simple designs, as had been the case with the first collection. What has changed, however, is that more colours have joined the party.  Adriel von Grüningen also revealed that a special message is hiding behind the name "Live in color".

© Ben Kraus

A good number of items were already sold on Saturday evening. According to advance announcements, "Live in color" is going to be a highly limited collection. In other words, if you don't want to go home empty-handed, you should get a move on.

It looks like the second collection is going to be a success and we should be intrigued as to what the future holds for bluem. Here again, Adriel von Grüningen gave a couple of hints about what direction the brand might go into. In any case, the trio is full of ideas.

For more information, check out bluem's website, Facebook page, or Instagram.