New data from Eurostat show that young Luxembourg residents tend to leave their parental home at the age of 20.1 years of age.

This puts them second only to Swedes, who on average leave home at 18.5 years. Danish youth come in third place (21.1), followed by Finns (22). On the other end of the spectrum is Croatia (31.8), Slovakia (30.9), Malta (30.7), Italy (30.1), and Bulgaria (29.6).

In the EU as a whole, the average person leaves their parental home at the age of 26. There's some variation between gender as well, and young men tend to live at home longer than do young women - the only exception being Sweden, where men on average leave at 18.4 years compared to women's 18.5.

The largest gender difference is found in Romania, with 30.5 for men and 25.6 for women.

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