The 'An American In Luxembourg' superstar continues his exclusive RTL Today column with an interview featuring another cycling legend.

Mike McQuaide interviews Luxembourger Fernand Zeimes who, in 1990, rode his bike from Alaska to Mexico, and recently wrote a book about it.

"Fernand Zeimes was born in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, in 1968. After spending all of his childhood in his hometown, Fernand cycled through France, England and Scotland, where he gained valuable experience before setting off for the big trip. After returning home and dropping out of university, Fernand worked at a bank for a short time. He currently works for the Luxembourgish government. He is the proud father of two boys and is passionate about art."

Mike McQuaide is the author of the 2018 Publikumspräis-winning “An American in Luxembourg” (Editions Saint-Paul) and creator of the popular Facebook and Instagram pages of the same name.