30 years on and Superjhemp's success is still going strong.

Last year his adventures found their way to the big screen. However, Superjhemp did not only inspire the world of cinema; soon there will also be Superjhemp Péckvillchen! Lucien Czuga is telling the story of Superjhemp’s inception in secondary schools throughout the country. Our Luxembourgish colleagues were present at the birth of the new “Vulle-Jhemp”, and we wanted to know what Czuga plans to tell these youngsters.

An idea born by chance, Marc Einsweiler’s idea lead to the genesis of 275 Péckvillchen that are ready for the Nospelt Emaischen (taking place on Easter Monday). Every Péckvillchen took roughly 2 hours, and many an evening was spent crafting and perfecting every little detail. This level of precision has a price: one of these artistic creations costs €100. The final product is sold in a cheese pot.

Lucien Czuga is delighted to see Superjhemp reborn in a number of artistic ways. 5 signed Péckvillchen will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the “Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner” (an organisation supporting children with cancer).

It also Czuga himself who ensures Superjhemp’s survival, having been visiting schools to explain the superhero’s history for years. When Czuga describes the way Roger Leiner initially brought him to life, there is one expression that encapsulates the process: the creative spirit. While he cannot remember the exact moment his idea fully came into fruition, it is a moment that will go down in history.

A film. Péckvillchen. School tours. There seems to be no end in sight for the success story that is Superjhemp.

Video in Luxembourgish

Péckvillercher am Superjhemp-Look
Et ass eng Erfolleggeschicht, déi viru ronn 30 Joer ugefaangen huet an en Enn schéngt se net ze hunn: d'Geschicht vum Superjhemp.