If you ever thought you had a fractured relationship with your parents, you may need to think again. One man was so angered by his parents' decision to throw his pornography collection out that he has taken them to court.

An American man living in Indiana has filed a lawsuit against his parents in federal court in Michigan. The cause of the lawsuit is that his parents threw out his porn collection, which he estimated being worth at least $29,000.

According to West Michigan station Fox 17, the man moved in with his parents in October 2016 whilst he was in the midst of a divorce. He lived with his parents in Grand Haven, Michigan until August 2017,at which point he moved to Indiana.

The parents claimed to have brought his porn collection with when they kindly drove the now 40-year-old's belongings to his new home in Indiana, but once settled in, the man noticed his beloved collection was missing.

Asking his parents about the absence of his twelve-box collection of magazines and videos, his father told him he had destroyed all twelve boxes as well as additional sex toys.

The man filed a police report and began corresponding with his parents by email, claiming they had acted vindictively. According to Fox 17's reporting on the lawsuit, the father responded "Believe it or not, one reason for why I destroyed your porn was for your own mental and emotional heath. I would have done the same if I had found a kilo of crack cocaine. Someday, I hope you will understand."

The plaintiff is seeking financial damages of $87,000, triple the collection's alleged worth.