The recent heart-warming story about Tanitoluwa Adewumi went viral last week and has reached a touching conclusion.

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, a Nigerian refugee, only learned to play Chess just over a year ago and more recently was calling checkmate on a bunch of elite private school kids.

A week ago Adewumi was homeless, crashing at a Manhattan shelter, today he is more widely known as Tani and after 
a GoFundMe drive raised
 more than $200,000 (177,000 eur) he has scholarship offers and an invitation to meet President Bill Clinton.

An article in the New York Times even reports that Immigration lawyers offered pro bono assistance to the Adewumis as they seek to obtain asylum.

The NY Times article details how an anonymous donor has pre-paid a year's rent on a two-bedroom residence that is a stone's throw from Tani's school. Other offers of support have come in for the Adewumis, a car for Mr. Adewumi as he had been working as an Uber driver in a rented vehicle and a job offer for Mrs. Adewumi to work in healthcare.

Unbelievably for a family that had so little, suddenly having so much, the family have decided to donate the monies raised by the GoFundMe drive to their church, with Tani stating - in an example many kids wold do well to take note - “I want to help other kids,” he said. “I don’t mind.”

There is a small caveat, however, that the 8-year-old may ask for a computer. But that's it.

This is a wonderful feel-good story.

Read the full article here.

Incredibly there are even rumours that a movie will be based on Tani's life, with three film companies in various stages of pre-production.