A recent Eurostat publication showed that Luxembourg had the second highest rate of migration (per capita) in 2017. We dug a bit deeper into the numbers.

With 41 immigrants per 1,000 inhabitants in 2017, Luxembourg recorded the EU's second-highest rate of migration bested only by Malta's 46. The EU-28 average, meanwhile, is around 5.

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But this isn't the only way in which migration to Luxembourg stands out..

Migration from EU-28 countries

Luxembourg has the highest percentage in the Union of migrants coming from one of the EU-28 countries.

Fully 68% of people who moved to Luxembourg in 2017 did so from another EU country, a full 10 percentage points higher than Austria (58%) and Malta (54%), who are in second and third place respectively.

The EU average is 28%, while the lowest rate of EU-immigration is reported in Bulgaria (3%), Lithuania (3%), and Romania (5%).

Migration from non-EU countries

Italy (70%) records the highest percentage of non-EU migrants, followed by Slovenia (65%), and Sweden (62%).

On the other end of the spectrum is Slovakia (8%), Romania (10%), and Portugal (24%). Luxembourg comes in 22nd place, with non-EU migrants representing 27% of people who moved here in 2017. The EU average for 2017 was 39%.

Note: the unaccounted for remainder of migration is represented by citizens returning to the reported country after living abroad, stateless persons, and persons of unknown nationality. See link below for full data.