Ivan Cardoso is not quite the Stig, and those of you can see we are getting on this ride after it has left...but RTL Today is delighted to be partnering with RTLYou in bringing you Startup Chauffeur.

The premise could not be simpler: 15 minute, real-time interviews with entrepreneurs.

A creative model that, yes, has been aped online since James Corden starting sucking up to celebs in Carpool Karaoke, gives a wonderful platform for new business ventures to sound off and expound on their ideas.

Viewers share their questions via social media using the hashtag #askfounders, Cardoso selects the passengers to answer them in a fortnightly journeys.

In an interview with SiliconLuxembourg.lu Cardoso says his aim "is to reach as many people as possible so that they know it’s possible to be part of the Startup Chauffeur show. My ultimate goal is to travel to multiple cities and interview the region’s most inspiring founders—not necessarily the most famous ones".

As the profile grows, and it will, we can expect to see more of both the featured passengers AND our ubiquitous driver.

Who know, perhaps Elon Musk may get in for a spin.