Just how are you supposed to navigate roundabouts in Luxembourg?

I've only been here for a couple of years so forgive me I'm not yet fully up to speed with Luxembourgish culture and customs, but can anyone enlighten me as to why many/most people in Luxembourg tackle roundabouts in the way they do, i.e. driving round the very outside, regardless of which exit they are using?

  • Is this the method taught when learning to drive?

  • Is it dictated by some local road law of which I'm not aware?

  • Is it perhaps combined with a rule which encourages drivers to save wear and tear on their indicators by not using them?

  • Is there a Ducal prerogative which states only members of the royal family may use the inside lane(s), or perhaps only those vehicles fitted with diplomatic plates?

It also seems to breed an expectation that if you are using the inside of the roundabout when taking the third or fourth exit, people will happily pull out in front of you to occupy the outside lane, ignoring the fact that you will need to cross this at some point to exit the roundabout or you will be destined to forever orbit it.

TIA, Puzzled of Bertrange

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