With all the focus on Theresa May attempting to negotiate with Brussels on her unpopular withdrawal agreement, we sometimes forget that David Cameron was the one to instigate Brexit.

Former British prime minister David Cameron has been criticised by, amongst others, TV personality Danny Dyer for resigning once it transpired that the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and consequently, showing cowardice in fleeing to Nice.

Dyer was a guest on Good Evening Britain when he launched a tirade against Cameron, who was relaxing "with his trotters up" in Nice.

Now, the popular media outlet JOE.co.uk has created a mash-up of George Ezra's popular hit Shotgun, albeit with Brexit undertones. Published with the caption "Whilst the United Kingdom descends into chaos, ‪David Cameron has this important message from Nice ☀️", the video speaks for itself.

In Cameron's cover Shotgone, taken together from recordings of Cameron (and featuring Dyer's tirade), the chorus goes:
Living off my trust fund
Underneath the hot sun
Forgetting that I'm someone
That held a referendum
that divided the nation

and broke the United Kingdom.

Catchy, yet depressing!