In northern France, a woman has been sentenced to five months in prison for evasion of electronic surveillance. Instead of wearing her ankle monitor, the woman had attached it to her cat's neck.

The evening sounds like it could have been a scene in The Hangover. On 14 December 2018 in Calais, Sabrina Martin worked her way through no fewer than four bottles of wine after having had a bath.

Perhaps an ordinary night for some (albeit with less wine!), but for Martin, there was a crucial difference: she was not wearing the ankle monitor that she should have been.

After police officers noticed suspect movements based on the ankle monitor's whereabouts, they decided to check up on her. At the property, it transpired that the woman was at home but that her bracelet was not attached to her ankle.

Upon inquiry, the woman went to her bedroom and returned with the ankle monitor... which was covered in cat hair. Quite the interesting accessory for a cat.

Sabrina Martin claimed to not remember much, especially not how her cat ended up wearing her ankle monitor. She did, however, admit that it was easy enough to remove the bracelet, which was not tight enough.

Summoned to court on 19 December, the young woman requested a review of the verdict to clarify the mystery. Three weeks later, on Wednesday this week, the woman was unable to provide further explanations. She did take the opportunity to criticise the police for entering her home and taking a photograph to send to the judge, according to the regional newspaper La Voix du Nord.

The court sentenced her to five months in prison for having evaded electronic surveillance.