Brewed in Poland, the beverage is available through an erotic e-commerce start-up in the north of France.

Do you think you know all there is to know about beer? Think again. There is at least one brand you certainly haven't tasted yet. In a couple of days, on Friday 14 December to be precise, a bar in the north of France will be organising a special tasting session, to say the least, namely a vaginal beer tasting session.

We are not joking: for the time being this concoction, which was conceived in Poland and baptised "Order of Yoni", is sold only in France by Praline et Priape, an erotic e-commerce start-up located in Lille. Its slogan: 'Taste the exquisite flavours of Paulina and Monica', the names of the two Polish models who contributed a bit of themselves to the beer's recipe.

The product description on the start-up's website explains that only one sampling on each one of the women was performed in a laboratory, and that the bacteria have been "isolated, identified, purified and multiplied to the quantity needed for the preparation of the in-vitro cultivation kits used in beer production".

The founder of Praline et Priape, Élodie Vermast, told that she had tasted the beverages and found them "rather good", continuing to say that "of course they don't taste like vagina. In fact, one is more bitter, and the other sweeter. The novelty has more to do with the production process. (...) We'll use Christmas for the test phase, to find out if people fancy it."

A great gift idea?