RTL Group & Talkwalker share their insights on female empowerment

In a cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere, the British Ladies Club (BLC) held its second Professional and Entrepreneurial Women event this season, at the Parc Alvisse hotel in Dommeldange.

Two special guests attended and presented their own career paths for the evening: Katerina Kapsani, Senior Communications Manager at RTL Group and Elena Melnikova, VP Marketing at Talkwalker

The guest speakers guided the attendees through their career and offered tips and techniques for being more conscious in work and business.

Among much valuable advice, some points stood out: “leading by example” in order to motivate a team and the need for “mutual respect” at the workplace in order to be an effective and inspiring leader.

Attendees at the British ladies Club, Professional and Entrepreneurial women event at the Parc Alvisse Hotel / © BLC

During the event, the attendees were able to exchange cultural experiences from their respective countries, as well as share and learn from each other on the latest trends in the professional and entrepreneurial environment.

“Last night’s gathering offered a relaxed space to recharge and connect with other like-minded women”, stated BLC Chairwoman Jugera Ibrahimi. We are looking forward to our next event in late January.