It isn't often that Luxembourg finds itself in the middle of an international mystery - but thanks to Rockstar Games, the eyes of the gaming world are currently fixed on the tiny Grand Duchy.

Rockstar Games' new title Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to the popular Red Dead Redemption game that came out 8 years ago, is not only exciting fans and video games critics, but also a horde of virtual bounty hunters.

While finding and rescuing princesses is not exactly a new concept in the world of video games, the case of Princess Isabeau is a particularly intriguing one.

A poster in the game informs prospective bounty hunters on the disappearance of Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister of Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy promises an initial reward of $100 to the person who can find her and bring her back alive.

No one in the gaming community has yet managed to find the princess, but hints and clues are strewn across the game. As true patriots with a knack for investigative journalism, we at RTL Today tried our hand at unravelling the mystery of the fictional missing Luxembourg royal.

Here is what we know so far

The reward poster and a newspaper article give some important details on the circumstances of the Princess Isabeau's disappearance. She was kidnapped in June 1884, when she was staying at a hunting lodge on a family vacation to the US. At the time of her disappearance fifteen years ago, the young princess was only five years old.

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Despite the princess having been missing for so long, the Grand Duchy has not given up hope. The reward poster describes her as having blonde hair and birthmarks on her right hand and left cheek.

Finding the reward poster or the newspaper in which the princess is mentioned triggers an interaction with a stranger who comes to your camp to inform you that the reward has been ramped up to the healthy sum of $1,000. The stranger also tells the main character Arthur Morgan that the Luxembourgish Princess is rumoured to have been seen at the Van Horn trading post.

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At a fence shop in Van Horn, eagle-eyed gamers might have spotted a chest with the princess' initials I.K.Z. and the Luxembourg crest emblazoned on its sides and on the top.

It seems clear that the fence has something to do with the Princess Isabeau's disappearance, but he is not very talkative. His dog on the other hand seems to be more cooperative and displays a keen interest in both the chest and a window above the fence shop.

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At a campfire, Arthur Morgan meets another stranger who tells him that he has been looking for the princess ever since he came to America over 7 years ago. He calls it an "obsession " and tells Arthur about a hint he got, pointing him towards the town of Van Horn. The stranger says that he can't let the quest go because it feels "unfinished" - a possible hint that the mystery can not be solved in the game.

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Possible hint towards a DLC?

The fact that nobody has yet found any trace of the missing princess has lead people to speculate that Princess Isabeau might play a role in a possible DLC later on.

Others firmly believe that the princess can actually be found in the game. According to one theory, the princess could be the "daughter" of the owner of Emerald Ranch. According to some NPCs in the area, the farmer hides a dark secret and keeps a girl locked away in a room at the top floor of his ranch.

The supposed daughter can be seen at the window from time to time (for example after picking a fight with her dad), but some details don't quite add up. While the age fits, she has dark hair and no visible birthmarks.

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To all you cowboys and cowgirls out there, good luck on your search! If you want to follow the clues further down the rabbit hole, here is a great video for that:

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