Don’t get me wrong. I like my school and I think that I learn a lot of interesting things there. Nevertheless, I came across the video below, which made me wonder... Are we also learning the most important things for our future lives?

Do we really need to learn all of these details by heart at times of Google and smartphones?  Wouldn’t it be more important to learn about how to find reliable information in case we need it and to know the difference between true and fake news?

Shouldn’t we spend more time on learning about human interactions and thinking of ideas to solve all of the problems that all of us are facing like climate change and pollution, let alone everyday challenges like bullying?

What about the practical things like eating healthy or how to deal with money?

Anyway, we hope that there is some greater plan behind our curriculum. There must be since most of the many different schools here in Luxembourg and across Europe teach similar things in a similar way.

Here is the (rather long) video that I would like to share with you which led me into writing this article:

The guy performing is Prince Ea, an American poet and Hip Hop artist.

The idea behind the video comes from an initiative called It offers a free education programme for schools.

I have to go now and get back to studying how the Romans used to take a bath… ;-).

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