BLC will turn fifty next year. We wondered what qualities a club has to engender to survive. The current chair, Jugera Ibrahimi, filled us in.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the British Ladies Club is that it's open to the whole English-speaking community of Luxembourg!

The name was generated fifty years ago, and has stuck. Even the current chair, Jugera Ibrahimi, is herself from Albania. She has been living here for 3 and a half years and has been BLC Chair since September 2017.

Jugera elaborates on what makes the BLC so special and so welcoming for all:

"Values, more than anything else, is what holds the British Ladies Club together and maintains its strength.

Loyalty, generosity and kindness; appreciation and recognition; respect for others.  These are the main pillars based on which our club stands strong.


Our members are extremely loyal to the club, being with us year after year. The committee members are constantly in touch with each other, sharing ideas on how to improve the activities offered.

No one gets paid, no one gets gifts or vacations to tropical islands!  Instead, everyone is appreciated, creating strong friendships that last.  They get people who answer their calls, who help with advice; people they can always count on.

Generosity and kindness

Wherever there is need, that’s where our members are. And they feel good about it. Ever since its establishment, the BLC has contributed to so many worthy causes in Luxembourg and abroad.

This year, for example, we are supporting Parkinson’s Association in Luxembourg and Maggie’s Centres in the UK, which supports cancer patients.

We also have our annual Car Boot Sale where generated funds go to social services. And less than a month ago we had a collection of toiletries for refugee women residing at shelters Lily Unden/Don Bosco. Many of us went there to distribute the gift bags and to see how women live in a shelter.


Lily Unden shelter, 8th March 2018: each female resident received a bag prepared by club members. / © British Ladies Club of Luxembourg

Appreciation and recognition

At the BLC we ensure that people are appreciated and recognised for their genuine volunteer efforts with our monthly newsletter, Facebook page and other media.

Recently, for example, the club recognised the two previous co-chairs of several years: Philippa Wilson and Becky Gollackner in a special ceremony held on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, at the British Embassy.

Certificates of Recognition were delivered by British Ambassador John Marshall and Sir Simon McDonald, Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service.

We always appreciate and recognize people as our most valuable assets.


Philippa Wilson & Becky Gollackner: former co-chairs of the BLC, with Sir Simon McDonald, Permanent Under-Secretary at Foreign Office & Head of Diplomatic Service, and British Ambassador John Marshall / © British Ladies Club of Luxembourg


Being an international club representing over 30 nationalities, we want to respect everyone’s culture, diverse background, views and opinions.

In our club we represent all age groups and we take pride in the fact that we are able to accommodate everyone.

We deeply respect our more mature members for their endless contributions and what they continue to do with a passion and enthusiasm to be admired. We show our respect by listening, encouraging, being helpful, congratulating and thanking everyone, and I truly hope we do it enough."


BLC’s Professional and Entrepreneurial Women event with Minister Corinne Cahen, 14 March 2018 at Double tree, Hilton. / © British Ladies Club of Luxembourg