Viral wannabe 'Just Somebody' (real name Michell) risks life and limb to sit atop the Glass Elevator in Pfaffenthal like some real life Willy Wonka...

Couch surfing/hitch-hiking stunt man Just Somebody stakes out the lift for a good while as he plans to ride the glass lift from the outside.

It takes an age to get to the point but this daredevil video is at once annoying and entertaining.

Hiding himself at the bottom of the 71m lift shaft and with his 'support/GF/BFF' standing guard, Just Somebody hopes to be somebody by getting a bunch of likes/thumbs/pins/hearts on various social media networks.

After a slight distraction with the driver-less bus, he gets to the task at hand and scales the glass carriage, riding it to the top in wet and blustery conditions.

With nowhere else to go and with a security guard 'screaming' at him, he jumps into the arms of passers by (off screen).

At the video's climax, JS (we can call him this) is being chased by the law.

Please do not try to copy this 'stunt'.

Here's the more 'official' video of the popular tourist attraction.