Cynthia Offishal has advanced into the final round of Inked Cover Girl. Voting to determine who will win $25,000 and be featured on the cover of Inked Magazine is underway.

After being elected INK GIRL for the 'western region', Cynthia, a mother, Body piercer & tattoo apprentice and tattoo model, is in the running to become the cover girl of a prestigious tattoo publication, 'INKED'.

RTL Today caught up with Cynthia to discuss how this competition came to her attention and her hopes for progress.

Cynthia says that after representing "my region for ink girl France 2019, I was entered into the larger competition for a contest in the USA, $100,000 is the top prize".

Further to the prize's cash earnings is the chance to be featured on the magazine cover for Inked Magazine - the largest tattoo magazine in the world.

Cynthia will represent France, "I live in Moselle, on the border" and Luxembourg, she manages Dreamink Luxembourg and is in a great position to win the whole shebang.

For that, Cynthia needs votes.

"We were 10,000 girls from all over the world, in the last round we were more than 120 in the running, I have to reach first place!"

How did you hear of the competition?

It is thanks to the social network Instagram that I became aware of the inked magazine contest! I immediately filled out the registration form. Three days later while I was dining at a restaurant, I received an email. I cried with happiness! I never thought I would arrive in the final stages!

What would winning mean to you?

What would it mean if you won? for me, being the only model of the 4 continents (because my opponents are 8 Americans and 2 Canadians) I have already won! Being in the final, with world models such as: MAKANI TERROR, LADY LAUREN BROCK, is an achievement in itself. So, despite the 'adventure' having begun several weeks ago, I've already gone further than I thought! In terms of the money, well, I want to continue to invest in my equipment (piercing and tattoo, my clothing line) and evolve in this world.

What was the reason behind becoming a tattoo artist?

In the three years that I entered the world of tattoo I was addicted immediately! When I was in high school and then college, my dream was to follow "THE FINE ARTS", as my first passion has always been drawing.

At what age did you get your first tattoo?

Just after giving birth to my daughter, to have her name on the skin was something so personal. I was 19/20 years old. I love the atmosphere in a tattoo shop, the artists, the people, the designs .... in short it was a kind of proof, really eye-opening! It had taken me years to find my true path! So, I applied to Dreamink, where I was hired initially as a secretary. Soon after, I was promoted to a kind of 'duty' manager. And since then, I have become a kind of 'mother's soul' to my colleagues and clients. It is my nature that has 'popped up'. I like to take care of my artists, to help / advise clients as I would have liked to been.

How, would you say, is Luxembourg doing, compared to the world in regards to Tattoo artists?

Unfortunately Luxembourg is not yet famous for its artists, not because of a lack of quality, or a level of standard, but rather because the Luxembourg is not necessarily 'known'. Yes, yes again 'this' view in 2018, but a large number of people in the world do not know that Luxembourg exists! Our country (the chosen country of my heart, because I live in France) has a glorious future ahead! We have very good artists Marius Cradle for example, too many to mention! And fabulous guests in different shops (TOFI, JUNIOR, SANDOR FONAD) 3 artists for whom I have developed a real crush!

What other things are you interested in?

Recently, I was offered the chance to get into piercing. So now it's me who takes care of the piercing, and it's a real treat! As for the tattooing side, the way will be long, I am training with my little brother and I will start with friends too because the demand is strong.

What do you most often hear about people with tattoos?

It’s a very stereotypical question, that one. Actually, I hear both sides. Good and bad. But to be honest, I don’t really care about people’s opinions. Tattoos are very personal to the people who have them and they are usually completely satisfied with and fascinated by them, it is important to treat tattoos seriously and with care and attention. Tattooing is a way of life and remains very popular.