In glorious September sunshine, the Ambassador to Luxembourg, John Marshall, hosted an event to herald the revival of the British-Luxembourgish-Society, an organisation open to anyone.

The British-Luxembourg-Society started in 1947, with 1 Brit and 23 Luxembourgers, including the prime minister. It was set up in gratitude for the help Britain had given Luxembourg to regain its independence from the Nazi regime, at a time when Luxembourg nationals didn't know so much about Britain and the British.

Through those 70 years it has been a organisation which covers lectures, talks, study trips, exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, language and literature classes, scientific English classes, a library of English books, and more besides!

The biggest annual event is the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Lecture which has staged eminent speakers over the years.

Last year the society was at risk of folding until a new council took it over and, under the presidency of David Clark, is now entering a new phase.

Most importantly, this society is open to anyone interested learning more about British culture and the English language.

For more information just log on to their website