Luciano is the founder of and here he continues to introduce some of the organisations in Luxembourg that take care of abandoned dogs from other countries.

This time we have a very different request to you.

This weekend the Luxembourgish organization “Amiavy” is coming home with 10 rescued Beagles that they saved from experimental labs: 9 females and one male. Their ages are unknown but usually such rescued dogs tend to be young.

Sample image / © Amiavy

Such an amazing effort needs support that you can provide by offering to be a foster family.

What exactly does fostering mean?

Foster families take in dogs until they find a permanent home to stay for good. This role is of immense help for the dogs, as it allows them to get accustomed with living in a family.

Taking care of rescued dog requires patience, love, and ideally dog-experience.

Some dogs that are rescued from experimental labs adapt surprisingly fast to their new environment. For all of the others, you need to be aware that they may have never seen the sun or that they may not know what grass feels like. For these dogs, having another dog in the home would be of great help so that they can learn from them.

Sample image / © Amiavy

Amiavy is very grateful for all potential volunteers. You will see: it is a very rewarding experience to help these poor animals to find joy in life!

If you would like to obtain further information take a look at Amiavy´s Facebook page