Looking for something to do this weekend, or during the holidays? We've got a few suggestions for you.. How many have you ticked off so far?

In no particular order — we couldn't possibly rank the many treasures Luxembourg has to offer — here are 17 things that you really ought to have seen and done if you live in the Grand Duchy. We've definitely not included everything though, so feel free to let us know in the comments if we've missed any of your favourites!

1) Go for a walk or two (three, four, but at least one!) in Mullerthal

For a peaceful stroll through nature, Mullerthal's 112km trail is pretty hard to beat - it was even named a "leading quality trails - best of Europe" in 2014. There are of course plenty of shorter walks you can do as well! More information here, and here.

2) Go on a boat trip along the Moselle

If you're not in the mood for walking but still want to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery Luxembourg has on offer, a trip along the Moselle is just the ticket. Sit back, a glass of lovely Luxembourgish wine in hand, and drink it all in (the scenery; go easy on the wine). Information here.

3) Cool off in the Casemates

One of Luxembourg's Unesco World Heritage sites, the Casemates (fortifications) are a series of tunnels right beneath the city itself, some going as deep as 40 metres underground. If you're feeling a bit overheated walking around town in the summer, this is an excellent opportunity to soak up a bit of history while cooling down.

4) Go north and visit Vianden Castle

© Pixabay

Constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman castellum, Vianden castle is one of the largest feudal residences of the period in Europe. It's also one of the world's most beautiful, according to CNN! Sitting atop a hill it offers beautiful views of the surrounding area, and looks stunning from the town below. More info right here.

Or one of Luxembourg's other beautiful castles, of which there are many..

5) Visit the Schueberfouer

Running since 1340(!), the Schueberfouer fun fair on the Glacis is one of the biggest events in the greater region - you can see a video from the 2018 fair here. This year will be the 679th edition, running from 23 August until 11 September.

6) Head out and see some of Luxembourg's iconic (if not widely known) film locations

This is an excellent opportunity to do something that not everyone else has done. Indeed, a lot of people wouldn't even be able to tell you a single film location in the Grand Duchy. Excellent opportunity for some smart-arsery at your next dinner party, but also a chance to see some truly spectacular sights! More info here.

7) Attend the 'hopping procession' in Echternach

The hopping procession is another one of Luxembourg's World Heritage listings, and truly something you have to see to believe. It's also a really fun day out for the whole family. The 2019 edition was on 11 June - but there's always next year if you missed it!

8) Go see the Family of Man exhibition

© Wikimedia Commons

Curated by Luxembourgish-American photographer Edward Steichen, The Family of Man is a world-renowned photography exhibition which was first shown at New York's MOMA (Museum of Moden Art) after which it toured the world, before ending up as a permanent feature at Clervaux Castle. More information here. Oh, it's also another one of Luxembourg's World Heritage sites!

9) Try some Luxembourgish beer

© Craft Corner

You really ought to try at least 4 different breweries.. It's easy to get the impression that Luxembourg only has two beer brands, but nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to all the lovely wine and excellent cider produced in the Grand Duchy, we have a truly fantastic microbrewery scene.

10) Snack on some gromperekichelcher

It's hard to find a more iconic Luxembourgish dish than their delicious gromperekichelcher, literally "potato cakes." You will find them at most big markets and outdoor events, very much including the aforementioned Schuberfouer. Perfect after trying those 4+ beers!

11) Visit the Upper Sûre Nature Park

Time to head back out into nature! The Upper Sûre Nature Park is vastly underestimated in this editor's opinion, and it's not often you hear people talk about it. But between the rich forests and large lake - quite rare for Luxembourg, as you may have noticed - it's a summer must-see. More info here.

12) Visit the MNHA - National Museum of History and Art


One for a rainy day - the MNHA has an incredibly wealth of interesting historical and other artistic expressions on offer, and is an excellent way to learn more about the country. The archaeology section is a personal favourite. More info here.

13) Visit Gaalgebierg animal park in Esch-sur-Alzette

© Escher Déierepark

Perfect day out if you have kids, but equally nice if you don't - plus entry is free. Gaalgebierg animal park is tucked away just outside the city centre (walking distance), and in addition to some adorable animals they have a very, very quirky cafe that you really ought to see. More info here.

14) Go to a gig at one of Luxembourg's MANY music venues!

Live music may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Luxembourg, but we have a truly astounding music scene with lots of excellent venues and local talent - and Luxembourg is somehow able to attract some A-list acts throughout the year.

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