Luciano is the founder of and here he continues to introduce some of the organisations in Luxembourg that take care of abandoned dogs from other countries. The dogs that too often no one cares about. On a regular basis you will get to know one (or in this case: two) of these dogs and their story.

“Yassa” and “Happy”

"This week I have something very special for you:

We have 2 newcomers that will arrive in Luxembourg this weekend, and they are so adorable that we couldn’t wait to introduce them to you!

Yassa and Happy are two sweet girls, mother and daughter actually, and they come  from Portugal.

Mum "Yassa"

Yassa, who is around 5 to 6 years old, and her daughter Happy escaped from a “puppy-mill”. For those of you who have never heard about “puppy-mills”, these are animal farms that only have their profit in mind and they usually breed  too many puppies under cruel conditions.

In Yassa´s and Happy´s case, their “breeder” couldn’t sell Happy quick enough so he just let both go.

At some point, both dogs landed in the hands of people who didn’t take care of them and left them behind, as well.

This was a blessing in disguise as Lidia, who built her own independent shelter in Portugal managed to take them in and take good care of them.

With the help of the Luxembourgish organisation “Amiavy”, the mother and daughter duo obtained their tickets to freedom and hopefully to a new final home. As mentioned, they are traveling to their foster homes in Luxembourg while you read this.

Yassa is a super social dog. She gets along with dogs, people and even with cats. She listens very well to commands and is the typical happy Labrador. She has had all her vaccinations and checkups and she has just been sterilized.


Her daughter Happy is turning 4 months soon. She weighs 10kg and like all young dogs, she will need to be led and educated to rise to her full potential.


The two of them are going to live in separate foster homes in Luxembourg so it is not a requirement for them to be adopted together, but, if you have the possibility to raise them both in your home, you are of course very welcome to do so, too.

If you would like to obtain further information take a look at Amiavy´s Facebook page.

And as for us, we can’t wait to welcome these pretty girls to Luxembourg!"