Luciano is the founder of and you might know him from his column on RTL Today. In this series, he continues to introduce some of the organisations in Luxembourg that take care of abandoned dogs from other countries, dogs that too often no one cares about. On a regular basis you will get to know one of these dogs and their story.

First of all, let me share the happy news with you that with your help 4 dogs have already found a new home! Needless to say, that all of us are very excited and we feel encouraged to continue introducing yet another dog to you:


Budac is a one-year-old dog currently in the care of Luxembourgish organisation Street Souls. At the moment he lives in Romania. Budac had a tragic past with people leaving him attached to a rope on a field. The rope was so tight that it cut into his tail and once he was found he needed urgent medical treatment. As a result of this abuse, unfortunately part of the tail couldn’t be saved.

Once more we can only admire how amazing dogs are, as Budac still adores humans whenever he meets them.

He is an energetic, friendly, playful and very curious dog that is still learning and very eager to learn even more. He gets along well with other dogs.

Budac likes to defend his home and barks when strangers enter “his” premises but with some training, his new owner should be able to break him of that habit.

Budac is a great companion. He has a trusting nature and is still deeply in love with people despite what has happened to him.

He surely is a dog for an active owner or a family that is looking for a sporty dog that only has eyes for those willing to love him.

If you would like to know more about Budac, you can write to