For this week's entry, Luciano from Dogwalker would like to briefly introduce Amiavy to you. Amiavy is a Luxembourgish organisation that takes care of all animals in need, animals from Luxembourg and also from other countries.

It is a great association that I’ve been following for years and I will soon provide an extensive blog entry about their amazing accomplishments.

The volunteers of Amiavy sent me the description of a sweet old lady dog called Miga. Miga comes from a shelter in Portugal which is run by a Portuguese couple which does everything they can to save dogs with their very limited resources.

For her first presentation on RTL Today, Miga even took a detour to the groomer to make the best impression, because as you know, first impressions count!

Miga is a small dog that only weighs 4kg. It is easy to forget that she is already 9 years old, as Miga is a lively, healthy, and playful dog that loves to be cuddled, again and again and again.

Since she likes to get all of your attention, she would prefer to be the only dog in the house, but what can I say - when you reach a certain age you simply know what you want!

There is still a little bit of toilet training that needs to be reinforced but the foster family that is looking after her is already working on that to help the process.

If you are interested in Miga and if you would like to obtain further information take a look at their Facebook page.

…and don't forget: Senior dogs are just big puppies and I’m sure Miga still has a lot to offer!