A new outdoor fitness group, Letz Get Fit, is proving a bit hit in Luxembourg.

Letz Get Fit started as just a simple idea to do something that founders Aoife and Oona both love, and to provide affordable, structured and positivity-based fitness options for Luxembourg residents.

The organisation has a support group for all its clients together with the coaches and the nutritionist so everyone becomes part of a team.

The overwhelming positive feedback from our clients surprised the founders and before they knew it, they had their first 8-week program set up. Due to the volume of interested people, they took on another coach, Josh, to help them out.

The group's first weeks have been extremely busy, but successful: the atmosphere at the trainings has been positive and friendly, while the outdoor training has proved popular and safe in the pandemic times.

Letz Get Fit believe that a lot of people need a positive environment and motivation to start exercising more and, for this reason, they want to keep their prices to an affordable level to be able to welcome everyone who wishes to join.

The group is currently running its first 8-week program with training sessions taking place at lunch time and in the evenings, along with special boot camps on Saturdays.

Shortly after the Easter holidays, they will also start a 4-week program together with offering clients to sign up monthly for unlimited training access, as well as private coaching.

The founders believe that there is a lot of interest in these kinds of services and hope to be able to meet their clients' wants and needs, with the eventual aim of building Letz Get Fit into something great.