This year, World Mental Health Day falls in a new societal landscape, with daily life irreparably changed for many in the midst of the global pandemic.

Aside from the threat to physical health, the pandemic has triggered a number of other consequences, leaving many struggling with bereavement, financial difficulties, loneliness and anxiety. While governments have focused on economic recovery, the WHO recently carried out a survey which found that mental health services have been disrupted or halted in 93% of countries.

As part of the campaign Move for mental health: let’s invest, the WHO is inviting the global community to take part in The Big Event for Mental Health, an unprecedented online advocacy event that will call for increased investment in mental health at all levels  ̶  from individuals to businesses to countries to civil society   ̶ so that the world can begin to close the gaps highlighted in the survey.

At a time when people are struggling to adapt to restrictions and ever-changing guidelines, we tend to focus just on surviving on a day-to-day basis. However, it is important to remember you do not have to do this alone. In fact, it is likely that many others in your social circles are feeling the same fears and frustrations. If you're struggling to reach out to friends or family, the Luxembourg Covid-19 mental health site was set up specifically to assist with coronavirus-related mental health issues, providing support and guidance. Luxembourg also has a number of support services and helplines if you need to reach out, including:

Over recent months, RTL Today opened up a "Your Voice" section to allow contributors to express their thoughts on the evolving health crisis, among other topics. We have linked some of the most pertinent works below, covering aspects from mental health support services, to personal experiences, to opinions exploring the way forward. We hope you find these useful in these strange times.