We've roped in a GP to answer your medical, coronavirus related questions. She will answer what she can, starting with the most popular ones.

There are a few things we should clear up first, so read this before submitting a question.

1) The doctor is a GP (general practitioner) with isolation ward experience from the last flu pandemic in 2009 but not a virologist and not an expert on zoonotic viruses.
2) She works in Germany and will not be able to answer Luxembourg-specific questions
3) They will not be able to answer all of your questions - we will sort through and find the most common answerable questions

Beyond that, please use common sense, and we'll all be fine and dandy!

To submit your question (anonymously), just write it up in the form below. We aim to publish answers by the evening of Sunday 15 March or, at the latest, on Monday - so get your questions in as soon as possible please!

Note: we will close the form by 9am Sunday 15 March.