Some social media wellness influencers are posting about how they've stopped drinking water and are urging others to do the same.

Sophia Prana is one mirco-influencer who believes in "dry-fasting" She's a 35 year old Austrian woman, who told her 16.9K Instagram followers that she's ditched bottled and tap water and only drinks "living water."

"Living water" is the water you get from water-rich foods like cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries. Prana says that bottled and tap water is full of chemicals and toxins. She adds "Once you start drinking living water, you will understand and feel that you are not thirsty anymore because then finally your body gets what it needs."

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The story about drinking water 💦 • our body consists mainly from water • to hydrate our cells we need water Drinking water is essential for us, yes. Nobody ever denied that. BUT how and what kind of water you drink brings some interesting aspects on the table. 1️⃣ water companies don‘t produce water, they produce plastic bottles. Plastic bottles contain softeners, which are highly toxic for your body, especially when you pour warm drinks into these bottles or leave them in the sun. Invest into a drinking bottle, go for re-fills, avoid to buy bottled water. 2️⃣ tap water is full of chemicals, bacterias and other toxins (eventhough your government might tell you differently). Old pipes in most of the houses contain lead, slug and lime. Get a filter, cause you don‘t want this stuff in your body! 3️⃣ understand the difference between living and empty water. To fuel and hydrate on cellular level you should drink coconut water, birch water, fresh juices and high-water fruits. You will notice how your thirst will decrease, stop eating salt, it is drying you out from inside. 4️⃣ also water needs to be filtered, digested, which is the job of your kidneys. Give them a break! Nobody needs 5L of water per day. Implement periods of dry-fasting, at least 9-10h per day to give your kidneys a break. Just like you need to rest, they need as well! Dry fasting will increase the filtration ability of your kidneys, will break down your body fat into endogen water (purest water for your cells) and stagnated lymph will be moved. #healthylifestyle#healthylivingtips#gesundleben#gesundernähren#gesünderleben#gesundtrinken#trockenfasten#dryfasting#dryfastingdetox#gesundeswassertrinken#veganinspiration

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But dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine told Insider, this is "one of the most ridiculous diet trends" she's ever seen and is highly irresponsible. She adds "It could lead to dehydration which can trigger headaches and cause constipation, muscle pain, lethargy, and even kidney problems."