A new association aims to help people to flourish in Luxembourg’s thriving multicultural community. In Luxembourg’s microcosm of multicultural professionals, where quite often people tend to stay for not very long, it can be difficult to establish meaningful connections and to find meaning in what you do in your professional life.

Positive psychology is the science of identifying your strengths and enhancing them, allowing you to lead a “good life”, aligned with your core values, in which your talents can shine.

The Association of Positive Psychology in Luxembourg (PPL) is the first organisation that is dedicated to this cause.

PPL is a not-for-profit association promoting the science of positive psychology (PP) and its research-based applications. The association's members strive to make positive psychology accessible to a wider audience in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

According to their mission statement, the aim is to offer a place where professionals from different areas of positive psychology interact, create synergies, and develop common projects. Those projects deal on daily life issues like prevention, resilience, wellbeing & flourishing and performance.

They offer support to individuals, organisations, and institutions from Luxembourg and/or the Greater Region.

Everyone who is interested in learning more about the new Association of Positive Psychology in Luxembourg can go along to the launch party on 22 May at the Oekozenter in Pfaffenthal. The launch party starts at 6.30pm. Tickets cost €10 and   include drinks and finger food. Tickets are available to purchase on Eventbrite.

Fore more information about the association,  visit the PPL's Facebook page.