Some aspects of yoga are especially supportive for women. Yoga can ease symptoms related to hormonal shifts or health crises, and help through pregnancy.

Several places in Luxembourg offer pre- and postnatal yoga classes as well as more meditative and gentle forms of yoga.

Last week we tried out "Feminine Glow", a lunchtime yoga class offered by Sabrina Christophe at Yoga Balance.

Feminine Glow, as the name suggests, is a class designed for women who want to take an hour break from the speed of every day life; who want to move inward, and listen to their own intuition and wisdom.

The class starts with breathing and ends with relaxation and meditation. In between you will experience an easy flow of postures, with round movements.

Sabrina's class is suitable for any woman that wishes to have a gentle yoga practice; and welcomes both pregnant and non pregnant women.

If you have a spare moment and want to connect with your inner self - or with your baby - Feminine Glow is definitely worth a try. We came out of it feeling relaxed, feminine and rejuvenated!